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As our country responds to the recent social unrest and racial conflict, many organizations are being challenged to create workplaces that are diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI). Understanding and implementing DEI is a lofty goal that, without help, can feel insurmountable. HR ReDefined is the help that you need.

Let’s work together

We will move you from simple COMPLIANCE to a thriving CULTURE.


When you’re ready, there are three ways that you can engage with HR ReDefined.


We are happy to provide specific services as needed. Projects can include a wide variety of HR related work.


We work with you to create a strategic plan with short and/or long-term priorities and provide support over time.


We engage with leaders one-on-one or in small groups to build skills for managing an inclusive and equitable workplace.

Choose What Works For You

Maybe you already know exactly what you need. Maybe you see an area where you can use support but haven’t diagnosed the issue. In either case, our depth of experience with equitable HR practices can fill whatever gap your experiencing. Read below for the types of projects where we excel, then schedule an intro call to discuss your specific need.

equitable policy development

Have you audited your workplace policies? Say goodbye to your traditional employment handbook and let us help you create an inspiring, inclusive, equitable, and fun to read Culture Guide. We facilitate conversations with staff and managers to understand your culture.  Our team engagement will lead to customized policies that center your mission and organizational values.

Organizational Assessment/Audits

How equitable and inclusive is your organization? Our culture assessment identifies  workplace challenges and results in customized solutions to improve your organization. We review  your current practices such as performance reviews, compensation structure, hiring and onboarding processes and employee handbook and benefit offerings.  The process includes a customized survey, personal interviews, and a full report with recommendations. If you are ready to challenge your existing workplace policies, our Guidance for Developing Equitable Policies is an excellent tool outlining questions to consider.

Equity Coaching for Leaders and HR Professionals

Once you have a set of policies and procedures in place, how do you handle the day to day decision-making and interpersonal challenges in your organization? We engage with leaders one-on-one or in small groups to build skills for managing an inclusive and equitable workplace. We have a diverse team of coaches who are ready to help you manage with an equity lens.

Additional HR Capacity

We can supplement your HR team with additional capacity to address new initiatives. These might include, but aren’t limited to a: performance system, compensation structure, onboarding process, or other customized tools.

When you schedule, you’ll complete a short form to share your project details. If we’re well positioned to support your needs, we will use the intro call to determine how to continue!

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