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As a nonprofit or social enterprise, you care about doing good in the world, and by your people.

Yet traditional HR practices can make it challenging to create policies that are both compliant and set up your leaders, staff and culture to thrive.

At HR Redefined, we provide services with the mission to help you to achieve BOTH.

Choose what works best for you

Unlock hidden opportunities with DEI Audits

Let’s evaluate where your organization is currently with a DEI lens perspective. We will deliver a report that identifies where you are doing things well, and high-priority areas where you can implement changes. Our team of experts works with you to design innovative solutions that improve team culture, employment policies, and benefits.

  • Team & Organizational Culture Audits
  • Benefit Package Audit
  • Employment Policy Audit

Turn your employee handbook into a Culture Guide

Have you audited your workplace policies? Say goodbye to your traditional employment handbook and let us help you create an inspiring, inclusive, equitable, and fun-to-read Culture Guide. We will engage with your team to learn your organizational culture and values and provide you with best practice policies to improve equity in your workplace. You can select from DEI best practices or more progressive liberatory practices. Within 4-6 weeks, you will have a new employment handbook to lay the foundation for a more equitable workplace.

Help Leaders with Personalized Coaching & Advisory Services

Help leaders make decisions and policies that benefit your people and the entire organizations with Personalized Coaching & Advisory Services for Individuals or Small Groups.

Do you have an HR Generalist or leader who is new to HR or an Operations leader who manages HR in addition to other functional areas? We will partner with these individuals to provide strategic advice, templates, and resources to manage talent priorities for the organization.

  • Junior HR professional
  • Founders, Executive Director, Chief Operating Officers, Chief of Staff
  • Leadership Teams

Build Capacity with Fractional HR Support

We have deep expertise in various disciplines across Talent Management and Human Resources and can assign an HR Consultant to your organization temporarily. We can cover an HR employee who is on leave or add capacity to your current HR team.

  • Support with policy development (i.e. develop a hybrid work policy or sabbatical program)
  • Onboarding Program
  • Performance Management & Feedback Systems
  • Compensation Analysis and Review
  • Organizational Design – how do I structure our HR team? How do we create the right group of people to accomplish tasks? What is the best management structure or organization?

Get Matched to the Right DEI Training with Our Partners

If you need or want specific DEI Training:

DEI Works Collective
Tai D. Coaching & Consulting
Diversity Equity Inclusiveness
Becoming Better Together
Celestial Consulting

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