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Having partnered with clients to accomplish equitable workplaces for many years, we have developed a simple yet tangible approach to help organizations begin their DEI journey. We thoughtfully question default rules and cultural norms, and reimagine a new set of policies and expectations. We engage and educate leaders on how to build systems, policies, and practices where all employees are represented, accepted and treated fairly. Our approach considers the following:

Flexibility and Choice

Are all social identities and life circumstances considered in org-wide policies?


Are there clear criteria and/or processes in place to drive decision-making and limit personal bias?


Are there multiple opportunities and modalities to give and receive feedback?


Are people and teams held accountable for favorable and unfavorable outcomes?

Values Alignment

Do policies match the stated core values and organizational mission?

Go Deeper

Take a look at two examples of our work in action.


Get a sneak peek at our process! This guide shows our approach to reviewing and auditing employee policies and workplace practices. Use it to get a head start on thinking about your audit, then schedule a call and start your audit.

Sample Culture Guide: The Laundromat Project

This Culture Guide from The Laundromat Project, a client of ours, is an example of the work that we’re proud to create with and for organizations we work with. Take a look to see the type of work that we can accomplish together, what is possible from an equitable employee guide, and get a sneak peek at a strong set of practices that is contributing to a thriving workplace.

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