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We are a collective of DEI practitioners committed to social justice and liberation for all people. As consultants we work from the inside-out to break down barriers and connect organizations to the needs of the people.

Providing customized coaching & consulting services for leaders at all levels seeking partnership in breaking through barriers in their leadership, achieving ambitious goals, establishing achievable personal vision statements, and actionable steps toward a desired future state.

Seemingly impossible problems are solved when diverse perspectives come together in an equitable and inclusive culture. We know how to help clients develop the skills they need to thrive in a complex, quickly changing world because we practice those skills every day. 

We believe building greater racial consciousness—seeing what role race is playing in problems where outcomes are predictable by race—is a required element of organizational change, and that personal change and organizational change go hand in hand. By working together, we ensure you have access to an interracial team that specializes in the types of change work your project demands.
We help you build awareness about your current context and determine the root causes that hold people back. We develop customized strategies to address those barriers, and we support execution of the strategies to lead to change.

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