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Guidance for creating Equitable Policies

Get a sneak peek at our process! This guide shows our approach to reviewing and auditing employee policies and workplace practices. Use it to get a head start on thinking about your audit, then visit our SERVICES page to schedule a call and start your audit.

Sample Culture Guide: The Laundromat Project

This Culture Guide from The Laundromat Project, a client of ours, is an example of the work that we’re proud to create with and for organizations we work with. Take a look to see the type of work that we can accomplish together, what is possible from an equitable employee guide, and get a sneak peek at a strong set of practices that is contributing to a thriving workplace.

SAMPLE POLICY REVISION: Bereavement policy

This Bereavement Policy is an example of our approach to updating and revising existing policies to be more equitable and inclusive.

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Reflections on Building a Liberated Work Place: the light of community

Laura Donald, from Axis Talent, delves into the journey of establishing a workplace grounded in liberatory principles, highlighting both the achievements and challenges encountered along the way. She candidly acknowledges the significant progress towards equity that Axis has achieved, while also highlighting her own vulnerabilities and missteps. The article offers a compelling narrative of growth and learning in pursuit of a more inclusive work environment.

How the Best Bosses Interrupt Bias on Their Teams

One great step in the direction of a more equitable workplace is to ensure that managers, who have a large role in setting culture, actively work against bias on their teams. This article from HBR shares concrete actions managers can take to address bias in the day-to-day flow of work.

It’s Time to Rethink Corporate Bereavement Policies

HBR again shares a useful set of tools to consider in the redefinition of policies for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Pay Equity and the Power of Collective Decision Making

This article shares a case study from an arts organization about the benefits of aligning their pay structure to their equity goals.

Opinion: Seeking diversity? Avoid these common traps

This article is a helpful reminder that there are a variety of kinds of diversity and defining successful leadership narrowly will work against your goals.

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