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Guidance for creating Equitable Policies

Get a sneak peek at our process! This guide shows our approach to reviewing and auditing employee policies and workplace practices. Use it to get a head start on thinking about your audit, then visit our SERVICES page to schedule a call and start your audit.

Sample Culture Guide: The Laundromat Project

This Culture Guide from The Laundromat Project, a client of ours, is an example of the work that we’re proud to create with and for organizations we work with. Take a look to see the type of work that we can accomplish together, what is possible from an equitable employee guide, and get a sneak peek at a strong set of practices that is contributing to a thriving workplace.

SAMPLE POLICY REVISION: Bereavement policy

This Bereavement Policy is an example of our approach to updating and revising existing policies to be more equitable and inclusive.

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Reflections on Building a Liberated Work Place: the light of community

How the Best Bosses Interrupt Bias on Their Teams

One great step in the direction of a more equitable workplace is to ensure that managers, who have a large role in setting culture, actively work against bias on their teams. This article from HBR shares concrete actions managers can take to address bias in the day-to-day flow of work.

It’s Time to Rethink Corporate Bereavement Policies

HBR again shares a useful set of tools to consider in the redefinition of policies for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Pay Equity and the Power of Collective Decision Making

This article shares a case study from an arts organization about the benefits of aligning their pay structure to their equity goals.

Opinion: Seeking diversity? Avoid these common traps

This article is a helpful reminder that there are a variety of kinds of diversity and defining successful leadership narrowly will work against your goals.

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