employee handbook audit


Your employee handbook is the cornerstone of your culture. One of the most requested services we offer is an audit of your employee handbook. We are pleased to offer our foundational new employee handbook audit product supporting organizations at the beginning of their DEI journey. Our audit involves a simple four-step process that includes:

share data

You’ll upload your current Employee Handbook to our website portal. We’ll send you a confirmation indicating that we’ve received it and have started work.


Personalized Audit

Upon the review of your handbook, we share recommendations that incorporate state law and prioritize fairness. And, we email you the updated version of the handbook.


Client Review

This steps involves your exploration and acceptance of the handbook.



We extend an optional 30-minute coaching session with 1-2 members of your team to discuss the handbook next steps.

Once the process is complete and you have your results in hand, you can either implement short-term changes policy changes (i.e. new parental leave policy for adoptive and foster parents) or incorporate feedback into a long-term DEI Strategic Plan. Whatever you choose, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Employee Handbook Audit

We worked with HR ReDefined to audit and redesign our entire employee manual. It was a very thoughtful process with the aim of creating and enhancing company policies and processes that would center equity in a powerful way.  The team was a committed, creative, and energizing partner offering innovative new ideas and shaped the ones that my team offered for the better. She was also incredibly organized, communicative, and timely in all aspects of our work together. My organization could not be more proud of what we accomplished and productively refer to our new “Culture Guide” for all HR needs.

Kemi Ilesanmi

Executive Director, The Laundromat Project